Here it is…….finally completed one of my 2013 New Years Resolutions! Only three years late……not too bad all things considered! I want to start documenting our crazy, daily happenings…..not that they are that eventful but because they are our memories. Us four. Brad, me, Macie and Rylee.

So 2015 was an eventful year. Macie began kindergarten in Mrs. Wood’s class at H. Clarke Powers Elementary School. Rylee turned four at Chuck E Cheese and Macie turned six at John’s Incredible Pizza. I quit my job with Sutter Roseville Vascular and embarked on a journey to become an LVN. I starting Kaplan College in July 2015 with Rachel (the best friend). Brad and I took the girls to Disneyland for their second trip with us in July as well. The girls had a blast even with it being so hot! Brad and I said our I Do’s on November 14, 2015 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Sacramento with our reception at The Sterling Hotel. We stayed at the Citizen Hotel for our wedding night.

Jumping to this year….things were equally as exciting as 2016. Brad and I moved into our first home in Roseville on Fairway. Having a home and a place for the girls to have their own rooms and space was much needed. Brad turned 35 in June and the girls and I took him down to Aneheim for a surprise trip. We saw the Oakland A’s beat the Angels at an away game on Jun 25, 2016. We then went to Disneyland for the day on his actual birthday……Brad is officially old! I graduated from nursing in July 2016 and took my State Boards NCLEX-PN exam on September 10, 2016. I found out one week later that I had passed and am now a Licensed Nurse. The girls enjoyed their summer and both began school at H. Clarke Powers Elementary School. Rylee is in Mrs. Wood’s class just like her sister and Macie is in Mrs. Graham’s first grade class. It is wonderful seeing how much they have learned and continue to learn in school! I have begun working back at Sutter Roseville Vascular for Dr. Dmitri Gelfand as his Medical Assistant until budget can allow for a LVN as promised. It’s very hard not getting to take the girls to school or pick them up anymore as I work 8-5pm everyday. I cannot wait until I am an RN and can work only a few days or hours a week! #lifegoals