So far October has been shaping up to be a great month! The girls begun before and after school care on some of the mornings/afternoons and LOVE it. Macie has her friend Lilly to play with and Rylee plays with any of the kindergarteners who are there. Rylee took my phone for a “photo walk” as she calls it…..and some of the pictures I posted here. She loves taking my phone and taking pictures of different things around the house and then sharing the photos with me. Yesterday my parents brought the kiddos to my work so that they could see me. Everyone LOVED seeing the girls for the first time or to see them again. Macie’s says that Brittney and Missy are her favorite and Rylee says Dr. Gelfand is her favorite. Last night, Thursday, Brad worked late so we had some much needed girl time together. We decorated the front porch with Halloween decorations my parents brought over and then walked to the park in our housing complex to play some softball.

Macie has gotten SO good at catching fly balls. She doesn’t give up when she misses them like she used to and she even was able to hit three balls with my pitching (which is far from Sunny Grey’s). I got to run around the park acting silly and walk home in the dark. We got home before Brad and were able to take baths and get jammies on before he came home with Chipotle and watched Peanuts Movie in the bedroom. Macie’s second tooth is about to fall out and she was bleeding pretty good last night from it. She wants it out now because it’s bugging her so hopefully it will fall out at her dad’s house this weekend!

Rylee is still into running as fast as she can, going as fast as she can on her scooter, saying “you hurted my feelings” when she gets upset, having you lay with her when she sleeps, saying “him'” for everything even girls, and flexing her muscles to scare Brad.

I love you to Pluto and back…..because it’s farther than the moon ❤