Friday, October 14-Family Dance Night

Friday night was the girl’s family dance night from 5-7pm at H. Clarke Powers. Last year Macie went with her dad but this year I took them. Rylee refused to wear a dress (which is not surprising for our little tomboy) but Macie had fun dressing up.

Macie’s best friend Madison came to the dance with Alex, her stepdad, so I was able to hang out with him for the majority of the dance. The girls and I danced most of the night together, and even slow danced a few songs that came on when they asked me to. They got Skittles and chips and ate as much junk food from the snack bar as they wanted. Both of them had so much fun running around with their friends. After the dance was over I let them pick out a place to eat dinner and they chose Applebees. Brad got off work late and met us at dinner. The girls were so worn out but had a very memorable night.

Saturday, October 15-Fall Festival, Green Acres in Rocklin

Saturday was a fun and rainy day! We had breakfast in bed with cartoons…..played with our toys and went out to the Fall Festival with Madison and Walker. There was pumpkin painting, face painting, balloon animals, pumpkin games and a scavenger hunt. The girls loved running around for hours and trying all the different pumpkin games. Macie picked the ghost painting and Rylee chose the dragon. After we were done at the festival we spent a few hours going to different Halloween stores to get costumes for the kids. Macie wants to be poison ivy this year and Rylee a teenage mutant ninja turtle. We went to two different stores but couldn’t find any outfits that were really good. Brad and I will keep looking after the girls go to their dads again. Saturday night we went up to Nile and Brenna’s house to have dinner and let the kids play with Rylie. They all had a lot of fun and were alseep immediately after getting home.

Sunday, October 16-Storks Movie

Sunday morning Brad worked so the girls had breakfast in my bed while I got ready. We all braved the rain and went out to get errands done. We went to the mall and walked around. Stopped in the Disney Store where the girls got to show me the new toys they want for Christmas, and went to The Jelly Belly Store to pick out a bag of jelly beans each. After the mall we went to T-Mobile and got Rylee her first “ipad” as she calls it……..It’s a Samsung Galaxy. She is soooooooooooo excited to finally have one like her sister. We went to the movie Storks after Brad got off work and I have to say it was one of the funniest, clever kids movies I’ve seen in a long time! We all loved it! When we got home we ate dinner and Macie read a chapter that was in her red folder from school. She is getting SO good at reading and only had a few words that she needed help pronouncing. She was saying “farther” for “father” but once I corrected her she didn’t get it wrong again.

This morning, Monday, was as usual a little sad to see them go. I love our times together. Our constant laughing, cuddling, joking, praising each other and enjoying each other’s company. I love to see them grow each day. At least there are only two days until I see my little stinks again!


“I love you to Pluto and back…….twice”