My sweet, sweet babies are back home

Another weekend planned out with the kids. Got home last night and was greeted by a very excited Macie who had just gotten the “ice wizard” on Clash Royal. Rylee asked to spend the night at Nana and Pop Pop’s so even though I really wanted her to stay home I let her go. It’s nice to see her want to go up to my parents house to spend time and it also allows me to have time with Macie alone.  Macie wanted to plug in the Nintendo machine so we played some Donkey Kong together and then a little bit of Harvest Moon while Brad went to get Chipotle. It was really nice to spend the quality time just talking and laughing with Macie.

Bedtime was difficult because Macie had been allowed to watch a scary movie that she didn’t want to see called Coraline. I haven’t seen it but she watched it two nights ago while her dad was working late and began bawling when it was time for bed. She was clearly so upset about it she couldn’t even speak other than to say “they had button eyes” as she sobbed. Brad and I let her sleep in our room and that seemed to help.

My parents pick the kids up from school today, Thursday, to have a few hours with them before I’m off of work. img_8968