October 19-Theo’s Birthday Party

Got home from work and Rylee let’s me know it’s Theo’s (stuffed monkey) birthday! I should have known this since I’ve had Theo since I was 5 or 6 years old…..but being a busy mom and all I guess it slipped my mind. Thankfully I had a cake mix in the pantry that we could whip up for Theo! Rylee baked the entire thing herself……and Macie assisted with the frosting. Turned out excellent I think…….and more importantly I think Theo liked it!


October 20-Dance Party and Tooth Pulling

Girls put on a great show for me while I was cleaning. Macie sang and Rylee acted out the words…..

Then Macie decided it was time for her second tooth to come out. Honestly I was surprised it hadn’t fallen out sooner (like at her dad’s the last week) and I was hoping that it would! For some reason wiggly teeth make me feel sick. I don’t mind blood and I don’t mind surgery but seeing your kid yank on a tooth hanging on by a thread is a very unnerving experience! She lost her first tooth at school and I got to play tooth fairy but her second I was hoping would come out at her dad’s! Anyways, it had been bothering her for a few days as it was hanging and catching on everything. She told me it was time to pull it out but then kept getting nervous and just staring at it in the mirror. I finally tied floss around the tooth and told her to either pull up with the floss or twist the tooth in a circle with her fingers and it would fall out.

She decided to twist the tooth and out it came! She was so calm and barely bled. I CANNOT believe how old my baby is becoming. It’s sad and exciting all at the same time. The tooth fairy and her husband had another night of sprinkling pink glitter in her room and tucking a $5 bill in her “tooth pillow” my mom made her. Successful evening!