November 16th-

Came home from work and Macie had an exciting friend to show me. She was student of the week and was given Kody the Kodiak bear to spend the week with. She was supposed to take him on adventures and then share with the class the adventures that they went on. She told me that Kody didn’t get a chance to go on any adventures while she was at her dad’s house and asked if we could take him shopping. Of course since she was student of the week I said yes.

I had an appointment with her teacher the day before to go over her report card. Macie got ALL THREES on her report card and almost all outstandings………..I was sooooooooooooo proud. I had told her that if she does good on her report card I would take her out to get a toy of her choice so we headed to Target. Macie has always been very very good at school. So we went out to Target and walked the aisles of toys until she found a set of 40 Shopkins that she wanted (see pic above). She was so excited and also proud that she had worked hard in school and earned that toy.