My sweet five year old. Rylee Jean Werner…… August 16, 2011. Where to even begin!

Favorite toys: Anything Marvel…..Spiderman, Thor, Captain America……TMNT, Nerf guns and anything that is NOT girly. Oh….and PAW PATROL

Let’s see……..Rylee is the spunkiest of children. High energy, loves to flex, “fight” and play rough with Brad. She loves to ride her scooter and does not want to slow down when told. She’s my fearless child. She will race through the monkey bars, run hard and try almost anything. She can say and recognize her whole alphabet, count to 100, recite the pledge of allegiance and knows all her colors/shapes. She is a little behind in Kindergarten and Mrs. Wood said that we would have to look into holding her back if she is still behind when second trimester comes. I looked into and signed her up for Sylvan Learning Center’s ten week camp that is going to help her get caught up and learn how to read. She LOVES it there and is super excited to go. She loves to play with her big sister especially in her room with all of her figurines (Disney and Marvel). Sometimes she will say “you hurted my feelings” when she gets upset. She could ask for a cookie and if I say no because she hasn’t eaten dinner yet I get a “You’re mean. You hurted my feelings!!!!” and then crying.

Rylee loves to flex her muscles and scare Brad. She will flex and he will instantly say “ok, ok, don’t hurt me” and she beams in pride of her own strength. She loves playing with Mila at school as well as Jack, Olivia and Macie (not her sister).

Favorite Foods: Corn dogs, pizza (cheese), chicken nuggest, strawberries, celery, watermelon, baked potatoes, salmon, cheese

Rylee loves to cook with me. She will always pull up a chair and start cooking or baking. She loves to dust and help with cleaning the house. She will play her air guitar and give wild singing (screaming) performances. She has started to say “that’s a good one right?” when she has made a joke or done something she thinks is praise worthy.

This little girl makes my heart so very happy and proud. She has blessed my life in more ways than she ever will know. She is my little ray of sunshine. Every single time she comes back from her dad’s house she snuggles up with me and tells me that she missed me so much and thought of me every single day.

My Rylee Jean……