Christmas season has been in full effect around the house. We bought our first real tree as a family, decorated Christmas ornaments, made gingerbread houses, went Christmas light looking, watched Christmas movies and read Christmas stories before bed. The kiddos went last weekend with us and painted at the Color Me Mine store at the mall (which they had been begging us to go do). It’s always hard around the holidays not getting to see the little ones each day and having to share the weekends…….but I know they have fun at their dad’s house as well.

We went to the snow up in Truckee last weekend too which was a BLAST. The kids had never been to the snow with us and wanted to go up so we piled in the care and went. To hear the girls squeal in delight at every turn we made and the snow they saw on the ground was well worth it.

Christmas has always and always will be my all time favorite time of the year. The music, decorations, festive feeling, shopping, giving and loving of families is something I look forward to every year.