Color Me Mine

Macie had been begging to “go paint a mug” as she says……meaning let’s go to the mall and paint at the ceramic store (normally she never chooses a mug but I think she knows I’ll go if I think she’s painting me something). Macie picked out a mermaid figurine and Rylee wanted the dog piggy bank. The girls wanted me to paint so they picked out a giraffe piggy bank for the new baby. It’s always fun to see the girls get creative and pick out their paints, brushes and see what colors they choose to use where.

Gingerbread Houses

We bought two gingerbread houses at Target for the kids to put together. Rylee wanted my help and Macie wanted Brads. It was so much fun picking out candies and helping them put their houses together!

Snow Day

Macie had been asking if we could go up to the snow for a long time. I’m sad to say I had never taken them to the snow since I’m not a huge fan of the cold and normally her dad has taken the kids every year. So this year when she asked me to take them I decided we should go make some memories in the cold. And I am SO GLAD WE DID!!!! It was one of the best day trips we’ve taken with the kids. We piled in the car and started driving up Hwy 80 figuring we would stop when we found snow. We drove up to a little past Truckee and pulled of the main roads. We came across a perfect hill with snow right by a lodge… parking is always a bonus! The girls sled down the hill, made a tiny snowman and ended up having a snowball fight. They absolutely loved the snow and I cannot wait to take them back again soon. At the end of our time in the snow….Macie threw a snowball at Rylee. Rylee then turned around and got Macie square in the face. Macie freaked out crying which was hard not to laugh at because she started the fight yet Rylee is so much stronger than Macie…….then Macie hid some snow as we were walking back to the car and shoved it up Rylee’s nose. Rylee then was crying and upset but all’s fair in war I guess.

Christmas Lights

This year we decided to make an entire night of Christmas light hunting. We started at Dovewood Court in Orangevale (we had never been before) and walked around looking at all the homes. The girls really liked that. Then I had saved a picture of all the really big homes and neighborhoods in the area that had light displays. We stopped and had dinner then drove around in Antelope, Citrus Heights, Roseville and Rocklin looking at all the different light displays. The kids loved it! I always remember driving around with my mom, dad and sister every holiday season looking at Christmas lights. We would drive around and always end the night with the Auburn Bail Bonds where there was an entire HUGE display. Some years we would stop at Baskin Robins and get ice cream other years just drive around. I loved that part of Christmas and definitely want to keep that tradition alive with my kids as they grow.


Bounce U Christmas Party

This year I really wanted to focus on anything festive. Bounce U sent out an invitation to their holiday party and I signed the kids up. They got to bounce in either room to Christmas music, do a holiday craft, meet Santa, get a present and enjoy Christmas cookies and juice. It was a really fun night and Brad was able to meet us there once he was off work. The kids asked Santa for a Hatchimal…..which up until that night I had no plans on buying one for them!

I have the philosophy that my kids don’t need the newest coolest toys and to learn they can’t have everything they want. Especially since these little eggs have become IMPOSSIBLE to get at any stores. Well they go up to Santa and he asks them “what do you want for Christmas?” and the kids surprisingly say “Hatchimals”. Well, this would have been a really nice place for Santa to hook us parents up and say that the elves stopped making them, or that they are making Shopkins only or something to let the girls know they are NOT getting hatchimals. Santa instead replies with a “Oh, my elves are working extra hard to make more Hatchimals for all of the children”.

Brad and I look at each other realizing we now have to go become hatchimal hunters if we want the kids to continue believing that Santa is real. I instantly started going on Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and Ebay. On Ebay you could buy one of the eggs for $150…..that’s $100 more than they cost at Target. I refuse to be ripped of at Christmas for a children’s toy. Brad and I spend the next week going into countless Targets, messaging friends that work at retail stores, calling toy stores with no luck. Then one day when we were shopping at Toys R Us I asked if they would be getting some in. They said yes they would Sunday morning but they have no idea how many they would be getting in. It could be 50 or it could be 5. They said if we wanted to get one we needed to get there by at least 4am with them opening at 7am.

We didn’t have the kids that Sunday which made it easier to go that early in the morning, but Brad had to work Sunday morning and it was only one Hatchimal per person. That meant I would have to buy one and still need another. Well, that Sunday morning I set my alarm for 3:00am (while tired and pregnant) and drove out to wait in line for the Hatchimal. It was 44 degrees outside and a line halfway down the walkway. The people at the front of the line said they had been there since 9:30pm THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!!! Anyways, after waiting in line Brad came and met me there right as they were opening so that we could get two. He was late to work but well worth it to only have one trip. The store ended up getting 62 Hatchimals in so everyone in line was able to purchase one. YAY! Santa Claus still lives on to the girls!!!!


Merry Christmas from us all- Brad, Mallory, Macie, Rylee and baby