Rylee had her Valentine’s Day social at school. It is only for the Kindergarten classes and was put on at 8:30am right after the bell rang. They had tables set up in the gym for the parents to sit at and the kids sang three different songs including “Skinamarinkadinkado”. Rylee did so good and even followed along with hand gestures in some of the songs. After the singing the kids got to sit with their parents and decorate two cards to give to a skilled nursing facility. Rylee loved decorating cards and said to me “It makes me happy you are here”. My heart melts when she is happy to have me around…..I know one day she will be a teenager and mom will be anything but fun and cool. So I enjoy moments like these when it’s just the two of us. We got to eat some yummy munchies that everyone brought in and spend some extra time. Her dad didn’t show up so I was happy that she had me there.


My Rylee Jean…….