My first field trip with Rylee! I have been stuck working most Fridays and can’t take time off for the field trips. This one happened to be on a Wednesday so I was SOOOOO happy when I could take the time off. We rode on the bus down to the Sacramento Zoo and since there were so many parents going I didn’t have to be in charge of any other children just spend the day with Rylee. Right when we got there we sat and had snack outside of the park on the benches. Then we went in and Rylee’s class was first to go sit in a 30 min presentation about animals. The parents couldn’t go in so I got to roam the zoo and look for the animal that we were assigned to find.

We were assigned the burrowing owl for our animal. When Rylee got out of her class we got to go look at all the animals. We stopped and looked at the pink flamingos (my favorite) and the owls. We filled out the yellow sheet with different questions on our animal and then headed to the giraffes.

Rylee liked watching the giraffes and one even came up to the fence as she ate my banana (Rylee was hungry again an ate my snack). After giraffe time we met up with Rylee’s BFF Mila and her twin Liam and their mom Monica and all went to find the emu (Mila’s assigned animal).

Lunchtime was spent outside the zoo back on the picnic tables. Rylee picked a bouquet of beautiful flowers for me that I LOVED> img_0152

After lunch there was another hour of free time but most of the kids ended up playing on the playground because they had seen all the animals. Rylee and I went over to the playground but she was tired so we sat on a bench and watched the kids play. The way home the bus was much quieter as the kiddos ran out of energy. Rylee wanted to play thumb wars and was REALLY good…..I didn’t even let her with and she won most!


It was a great first field trip and I CANNOT wait until the next!