Well the time finally came for one of the girls to end up with a cavity. Even though we are so good about brushing and flossing both the kiddos managed to get super crowded and small mouths. Macie ended up with a cavity in the back of her mouth on the top left between two teeth. I had talked to the dentist when we found out about the cavity and she suggested Macie have laughing gas to keep her calm since she is naturally a very nervous child and has never had any dental work done. Even though it was quite pricey Brad and I decided that we wanted Macie comfortable and the worst thing would be to make her anxious before her first filling and have her end up hating dentists or fearful of them. The day of the filling Macie was pretty nervous but was SO brave. I took her to the dentist and the two of us waited for her to get called. She picked the bubble gum “nose hat” and after a few min of the gas she was good to go! She said her legs and arms “felt funny” but was calm and watched a Barbie movie she picked.

The filling took maybe one hour to finish and she seriously did AMAZING the whole time. Didn’t complain once or have any pain. After it was over she was hungry so I took her to Jamba Juice for a Strawberry Banana smoothie. When that was done she begged me to go to Target and look around. We stopped there on the way back to school and she picked out a Nom Nums lipgloss making truck that her sister Olivia already had at her dad’s house.

Dropped her at school for the rest of the day but was able to pick her up after school too. She wasn’t scared at all and told me she wants another filling haha!!!