Macie is back in softball for another season!!!!!!! I wasn’t sure if she was going to want to play this year but she said she did and she was so adamant about playing she didn’t care if she only played on my weekends and days. She asked to play with her school friends and so I contacted the board and got her a transfer since we live in Roseville and school is in Loomis. She also wanted to play another season in 6U even though she is supposed to be in 8U. Her friends Lilly, Ally and Lexi are all playing 6U and since she missed a lot of games/practices last season when she was with her dad I thought she could use one more season in the younger division.

First exciting new is she is on the team with her three friends… exciting new is she is FINALLY a different color other than gold/yellow! She was SOOO  excited when I told her she is blue and the name was The Mermaids. Opening day was on her dad’s custody so unfortunately she only came for 45 minutes before she had to leave. Macie didn’t get to participate in the parade or raffle but we did get to see her and it was awesome seeing her uniforms and poster (that won poster award for the team).

March 11- First Game

Macie’s first softball game she did AMAZING as always. She was 3rd and 4th for batting lineup and got to play 3rd base, second and pitcher. She only had to use the tee once and hit the coach pitches the rest of the time. She was so proud and had one hit that went over the other teams pitcher! You could see her beaming as she went around the bases and she immediately came up to Brad and me for approval after the hit. I couldn’t ask for a cuter softball player 🙂

March 18- The Mermaids vs. Camo Cuties

Second game was even better than her first if that’s possible!!!!! Macie went 4-4 with no use of the tee. She played third base, second, outfield and pitcher…..and got the team their first out at first (She threw them out from third). Macie’s friend Riley from last seasons softball was on the team they played against and Macie liked seeing her friend. At the end she was given the first GAME BALL given out by the coach for her excellent playing and team cheering. I was SO PROUD OF HER!!!!!!! My parents got to come and watch her play and loved seeing how good she’s gotten through the years.


I love you to Pluto and back a million