Now that the weather has started to become nicer we’ve been spending more time outside. It’s nice to be able to hand out in the front and soak up the sun. Macie came home Friday with “the sun bag” from school. She was SOOOOOO excited to have it for the entire weekend. In class they are learning about the sun and the moon. Mrs. Graham has been giving each child the sun or the moon back to take home for one night but she said on Friday that the child that got chosen would get to take in home for the weekend and draw a picture of a sunset each night. Macie got her popsicle stick chosen and got to bring the bag home.

It had instructions in it along with a book to draw the sunset and record the time the sun set. It came with crayons and a book about the sun to read. We spend Friday night outside watching the sun set and playing softball with Brad on the sidewalk. I took the pictures of the kids grubby little feet because I know that those feet will soon be big and won’t be as dirty and little…..wanted to capture that memory.