Well…..another adventure in our family’s memory book. Decided to take the kids to Six Flags (actually we ended up buying season passes because it was cheaper than a one weekend ticket). The kids had a LOT of fun! We spent the day riding a few rides but mostly running around looking at the animals. We watched the dolphin show that Rylee LOVED and Macie got to pet the sting rays for about an hour.

Brad went on the monkey tea cups since I’m 25 weeks pregnant and couldn’t spin around a lot. The girls favorite ride was the Jeep Safari ride that they went on twice. You sat in a little jeep and drove around a track but it was really bumpy and you could pretend you were steering. They got to go on it alone since we were too big which they loved too.

For lunch we sat in the courtyard and watched cartoons on the TV screen. Macie wanted a corndog and Rylee ended up eating my cheesy garlic strips that came with my pizza slice.

I think we will go back again a few times this summer and bring Brynlee when she is born! It’s no Disneyland but it’s still enjoyable and a fun thing to do with a weekend off!

Happiness is this…….