Poison Ivy and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles………..

The Halloween party was worth every single penny!!!!!!! We had a nice relaxing Saturday morning. Girls slept in, went to breakfast buffet, swam in the pool, took naps and got ready for Halloween. We ended up in Disneyland around 6:00pm and they were just starting to kick people out that didn’t have the Disney party bracelets. We went on Autopia which has became Macie’s absolute favorite ride. She loves driving the car and always wants Brad with her because he teachers her how to drive. We trick or treated with all the candy stations. You would start on a little walk that was labeled for the trick or treating and every 10 yards you would get another huge handful of candy. We ended up filling big bags up with candy just from a few of the stations……we didn’t even go to them all!

The Halloween parade was super spooky and the headless horseman came riding down the street scaring Macie a little. After the parade we went and saw Winnie the Pooh characters. Rabbit heard that Macie was Poison Ivy and made her stand far away from him! Macie was so embarrassed and told me not to tell Eeyore that she was Poison Ivy.

We ended up leaving the party around 11:00pm and the girls were so exhausted but had a lot of fun. It was a great night and I would definitely go again for the party!